Face coverings become mandatory statewide starting Friday

Face coverings are becoming mandatory statewide starting this Friday, Gov. Jay Inslee announced Tuesday.  Some retailers and businesses already require people to wear a mask or cover their nose and mouth amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Luna Nail Lounge in Everett reopened on June 6 and requires its staff and customers to wear a mask.

“If someone were to cough, or when you breathe, you don’t spread those germs to other people,” said staff member Jessica Nguyen. “Regardless of if you’re sick or not, it’s a good way to protect yourself and protect others.”

“I appreciate the precautions for sure,” said customer Noel Analearuprecht. “Even if you feel safe, someone else might not, so I think it’s common courtesy.”

Chloe Clem is a grocery store worker and has to wear a mask during her shift. She said customers, on the other hand, are split down the middle when it comes to wearing masks.

“I don’t believe that it’s okay to tell people that they have to do that,” said Clem on requiring masks. “I think we can take precautions, but if someone doesn’t have to wear a face mask, I don’t think you should wear them.”

Until a vaccine is developed, state health leaders advise wearing a mask, washing our hands and maintaining six feet of distance from others is our best defense against the coronavirus.

The Secretary of Health John Wiesman said, “It is safer at home. It is safer to stay local. It is safer to still limit our interactions out in the public. This virus is not gone away.”