Extra patrols at Marysville Grand Parade focus on keeping community safe

MARYSVILLE, Wash. - Law enforcement is placing an extra emphasis on the Marysville Strawberry Festival this year, and for one of the organizers, this effort is very important to her.

For thousands of people, the Grand Parade during the Strawberry Festival is a tradition.

“I was those kids laying on that blanket. Twenty years ago, that was me,” said Marlanea Aspden.

Aspden is from Marysville. She says she the Grand Parade is a big tradition.

“It was huge; it was a whole family event,” she said.

Now, she is working to start a new tradition.

“I want to be involved with my community,” said Aspden.

Aspden is a Community Corrections Officer 3 with the Marysville Department of Correction.

This year she wanted to make sure her community was a little safer. She worked with the police department to get a total of five extra officers patrolling the streets during the parade. The patrols focused on engaging with the families lined up and down State Avenue for the parade, but also keeping them safe.

“I hate to say it; there are bad people everywhere,” she said.

Her team made contact with people at the parade who have violent criminal records.

While thousands enjoyed a beautiful Saturday, these officers worked. However, Aspden says there is no place she would rather be.

“I feel like I’m giving back to the community that helped raise me,” she said.

For families at the parade, they say they're happy the officers are there.

“I appreciate they take the time to do that and make sure the kids stay safe,” said Jenny Frankhouser.

Aspden says on Saturday, her team made contact with several people, however, the officers did not have to take any action.