Everybody likely to see a little snow this week -- all get COLD temps

SEATTLE -- The overall forecast calls for mostly dry but very cold weather through the weekend. The biggest concern would be icy roads, especially during the overnight and morning hours.

"Each day through next Monday has snow in the forecast," Q13 Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelley said Tuesday night,  "but it is subject to our micro-climate. That means one day it will be in Lewis County and the next day it will be in Clallam County and the next day it will be King County or something like that. "

It starts out clear and sunny Wednesday but by Wednesday night we get snow for the metro area. Most will be out toward the Hood Canal but  Seattle could get a little snow Wednesday evening.

"Right now it is looking like less than an inch for Seattle but higher hills and the convergence zone may pick up 3 inches late Wednesday," Kelley said. Once again the snow for Wednesday starts up north of Seattle, swings through Seattle then exits the South Sound at night."

Thursday through Monday will be similar. The mountains will pick up a big shot of snow Friday through Sunday, Kelley said. Perhaps 10 inches per day this weekend. So, expect delays and closures again this weekend up there.