Everett woman's new car keyed, sprayed with obscene graffiti

EVERETT -- Jyll Turner couldn't believe what vandals did to her new car.

"It was awful. The whole back window was covered so you couldn't even see out the back window if you were driving. A big F-you across the trunk, then a big huge 13 on the hood and then they just took a key or something and just started scratching around and there's white and black paint all over the place with gang signs,” Turner said.

They even sprayed her license plate.

It happened Wednesday  just after 11 p.m.

Vandals tagged the entire apartment complex, including fences, buildings and even the laundry room.

While they were spraying Turner's car, neighbor Anthony Roehl walked outside.

"I saw two kids sitting right in between here and they were spray painting Chris and Jyll's car and I ended up scooting them away by saying, 'Hey, get away from here!' I ran over here and my dogs almost attacked them,"  Roehl said.

Police are investigating whether the guys who sprayed the complex are responsible for tagging others across this part of Everett.

Because they needed the car to pick up the kids, Turner's boyfriend tried to clean up the mess.

"I came back down with some SOS pads and started scrubbing away, Chris Clapp said.

"We had to scrub for two hours so we can pick up the kids without bad words all over the car, because that's not cool,’ Turner said.

Turner just hopes the bad guys are caught before they damage anyone else's property

"They must think it's fun to destroy people's stuff and sit back and watch what happens," Turner said.

A security officer may have security video of two young men who were run off the property the night before, so police do have some clues but they hope someone may know who is responsible for all the vandalism and call 911.