Everett woman forced out of home, into hotel after 9 burglaries in one week: 'This is just frustrating'

EVERETT -- It’s terrifying enough when your house is burglarized once -- but what about nine times in one week?

The nonstop burglaries have forced Sharon Miller out of her Everett home and into a hotel.

“The whole house was trashed and the doors broken,” Miller said Friday.

While she was receiving medical care in another state, Miller got a call with bad news.

“I thought I was going to have a heart attack,” Miller said.

Even before she could rush home, several more break-ins happened to her Riverside neighborhood property.

“They took my grandmother's broach that was more than 200 years old, precious metals, antiques, tools,” Miller said.

Belongings worth hundreds of thousands of dollars were gone and it wasn't over. The burglars kept coming back.

“It was nonstop; it was night after night,” Everett police detective Michael Atwood said.

Cops arrested some of the suspects after they were caught lurking around Miller's home.

“They would come back the next day and it would be absolute chaos again,” Miller said.

The 66-year-old says she even cornered a burglar until cops arrived.

“I called 911 with the license plate number and I blocked the truck so they couldn’t get out,” Miller said.

The question remains: Why did burglars target her home nine separate times in one week?

“I’m just baffled, I have no idea,” Miller said.

Police don’t have all the answers yet, but they say social media played a role. Detectives say the first burglar advertised Miller's home online.

Eventually, Everett police got a break that led them to an apartment where they recovered a few of Miller's items.

A grandfather clock worth up to $100,000 was recovered but it was already broken.

“They dropped it and broke it, so now its slivers,” Miller said.

All of her priceless heirlooms are still missing. The only thing she has left of her late husband is a ring on her finger.

“I’m not a victim and I don’t plan on staying a victim, but this is just frustrating,” Miller said.

So far, 10 suspects have been arrested. But police say there are several more others they are trying to track down.