Everett spa gets license revoked amid prostitution allegations

EVERETT, Wash. (AP) — The city of Everett has revoked the license of a massage parlor amid prostitution allegations.

The Daily Herald reports Happy Spa's license was revoked and the Everett City Council rejected an appeal from the business owner to have the license reinstated last week.

Records show Everett police made four undercover visits between February and August and received a court-approved warrant to search the business.

Detectives say on each visit they were offered sex for money and that two workers improperly touched them on three separate occasions.

Two massage parlor employees were booked into jail last month for investigation of prostitution-related allegations.

In legal papers, attorneys for 61-year-old spa owner Sun Chon told city officials she didn't know illegal activity was occurring at the massage parlor and that such activity wasn't allowed.