Gun show switches schedule to accommodate Everett graduation set at the same venue

A gun show that was set to be held in the same venue at the same time as a high school graduation this weekend has moved one of its dates to let the graduation go off without any problems.

Big Top Promotions spoke with Angel of the Winds Arena and were able to negotiate the date of their gun show so that it will not take place on June 18. The Everett School District has three graduations planned for that date, with the first starting at 11 a.m. 

In a notice sent to parents and guardians on Wednesday, the district said: "In finalizing our graduation details yesterday, we were informed there is an event in the Edward Hansen Conference Center, which is attached to Angel of the Winds, all day on Saturday. The adjacent event is a local gun show." 

The district said in its letter to parents that it reserves Angel of the Winds five years in advance and "we have no control over when, or to whom, they rent the rest of their facility to." 

"We felt it was important for you to be aware of this event as the topic of guns is sensitive to so many of us due to recent national and even local events," the district said in its initial note to parents. 

A Big Top Promotions spokesperson told FOX 13 that they announced their closure on Saturday to "respect their neighbors and not cause issues." The gun show instead will be open to the public on Sunday and Monday. 

"We appreciate working with our community partners, all of whom live in the community and care about our community and want to have a day that is focused on celebrating our amazing class of 2022 graduates," the district said in a statement after the switch was made.