Everett restaurants hoping to attract foodies

EVERETT - Anne Abbott, co-owner of Abbott’s describes what customers enjoy when dining in her restaurant, “They love actually seeing my husband in the kitchen and he has such a great big huge personality that he just entertains everyone all night long.”

So how does a fine dining chef create a high end experience without coming off pretentious? James Abbot explains, “Just by being an Everett boy. I was born and raised around here and I just love people. It’s kind of cliché but if you find something you love you never work a day in your life.”

Both James and Anne take pride in serving up a gourmet experience for locals.

“You know, they see the value in it of not having to drive to Seattle and pay for parking. That they can have a fine dining experience here, a great bottle of wine, with a great piece of meat,” says Abbott.

Capers + Olives, which recently opened in July, blends Chef Jimmy Liang’s heritage with an Italian inspired menu.

“I just thought Chow Mein and noodle pasta, it’s similar. Noodle is just a different type of pasta,” explains Liang. He was confident with the concept of his restaurant and with the location of it.

“A lot of people don’t see Everett and it’s possibility right now. But I think it’s growing. I’ve seen it,” says Liang. The chef isn’t just well versed on cooking, but also in the city itself. He continues, “This is my hometown. I’ve been here for 10 years. And I feel like Everett deserves a lot more.”

Both James Abbott and Jimmy Liang head up their own restaurants with different price points and visions but when it comes to competition, it’s nothing but friendly.

“I don’t see him (Abbott) as competition because he’s a steakhouse. He’s doing something different,” says Liang.

“Very few people I’ve come across are like me or like Jimmy that got into it and are like, ‘Man I love this.’ And they learn and they cook for themselves and their family. I love to cook for people that I love,” says Abbott with a smile.

The love of cooking and the love of family connect these restaurant owners. So does their love of the city of Everett.

Abbott said, “I do firmly believe it’s Everett’s time. We’ve got the attractions, the residents and it’s a great place. You know? There’s no place I’d rather live.”