Everett preparing for first snow of the season

EVERETT, Wash. – The City of Everett is expecting its first snowfall of the season. The Department of Public Works has been preparing and training crews for the snow season since October.

“Everett is in that convergence zone. So, we tend to have a great likelihood of snow sometimes when nobody else does or nobody south of us does,” said Kathleen Baxter, Public Information Officer for Everett Public Works.

So far, two trucks are filled with sand and ready to hit the streets. Crews are also reviewing the ice and snow removal plan while on standby.

Baxter said it’s possible more trucks will get loaded up as the snow gets closer.

“We’re watching the weather forecast carefully and on Friday we’ll do another assessment to see if we need more vehicles ready because it’s looking like the weather will be worse come the weekend or early next week,” said Baxter.

Public Works has a full stock of salt and sand for the snow season. Baxter explained why crews aren’t able to pre-treat the roads just yet.

“We have deicer available to us. We can’t lay the deicer during a wet time. So when the ground is wet, we can’t lay deicer,” said Baxter.

When the snow starts, Public Works will also use its Traffic Management Center. Staff will monitor all 45 traffic cameras throughout the city to see where snow is causing the most troubles. Extra crews will be sent to those problem spots to fix it.

It’s a resource Baxter said was very useful during the 2019 “Snowpocalypse.”

“The community was caught by surprise with the amount of snow,” said Baxter.

Crews were out in full force last year working 12-hour shifts. Baxter said they’re even more prepared this year. She mentioned the community could pitch in to make the job a little easier.

“Really helps if people will get out there and remove parked cars from the side of the roads so we can scrape the snow off and sand all the way to the curb,” said Baxter. “Also, garbage cans, those are another hindrance. You can’t bring a snowplow or sander right up to a garbage can. So, if we can keep those streets cleared, that will be a huge help to us.”

Public Works is reminding residents it is city ordinance to shovel sidewalks after snowfall. This will make it safer for others to get by.

The city is encouraging residents to follow updates on its website’s inclement weather page as new developments occur. The website also provides a map of snow plowing and priority routes.

Everett’s 24-hour dispatch number is available for people to request plowing/sanding service by calling 425-257-8821.