Everett murder victim's family shares grief in hopes others will get help for troubled loved ones

EVERETT, Wash. -- The sister of a man shot to death in a triple shooting Friday night in Everett says she had been worried about her brother for at least eight years.

Kevin Odneal had his share of troubles, even serving time in jail, but she says he was a good guy who didn't deserve this.

She is hoping other families never get a call like the one she got from their mom.

"I went cold, I lost the blood in my body. I couldn't breathe. My ears went numb. I couldn't form a thought," said Karen Lindenmayer.

She rushed to the home Kevin shared with their elderly mom on 75th Street SE.

Detectives haven't given a motive for the shooting that also killed a woman and left another in the hospital, but Karen has her theory as to why the suspect Tye Fleischer might have done it.

Fleischer called 911 and surrendered after the shootings.

"I think this was all over a jealous boyfriend," she said.

For the last eight years Kevin's life had been in turmoil. Karen doesn't know if it was drugs but chooses to remember the good things like his sense of humor.

"My brother was a fun-loving outdoorsman. He loved the outdoors He had a great laugh," she said.

Kevin's niece Shelby Lindenmayer was in tears as she talked about how his family and friends could always depend on him. The 21-year-old's pain is still raw.

"I don't remember if I told my uncle I loved him and I don't remember if I forgave him for not coming to my birthday party, and I just miss him so much," said Shelby.

Kevin's family is sharing their grief for one reason -- in hopes other families will do everything they can to get help for loved ones dealing with problems and wishes there was more local government help.

"There should be somebody in the city that is an advocate that can come and not be a policeman and not be in that capacity that can come in and say are you aware of the fact that this is available ... that's what needs to happen I think," said Karen.