Everett makes thousands of dollars available to small businesses

EVERETT, Wash. - Snohomish County's largest city approved a plan that will put hundreds of thousands of dollars back into local small businesses.

The Everett Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Grant Program looks to help small businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Starting Thursday, businesses can apply for the program. If selected, these businesses will receive ten thousand dollars.

“We want them to get back to success and profitability,” said Dan Eernissee.

Eernissee is the Economic Development Director for Everett.

He says the city will use several determining factors to decide where the grant dollars go. The city will focus on businesses that were profitable before COVID-19 hit, as well as businesses already working out plans on how to get through the pandemic.

The goal is for these dollars to help businesses, not be the only thing they rely on, Eernissee said.

Eernissee said he know this will only help a portion of those in need. But he hopes it’s enough to help some businesses that are struggling right now.

“The City of Everett really loves it’s businesses and wants to help it’s businesses across the entire city,” he said.

For some small business owners, they say this money would be a huge help in a difficult time.

“I hope to be here next year; I hope to be here three years down the road," said Brandy Wahlstrom who owns That Chicken Place. "I really love it."

In total the city has $1 million set aside for this program. Half will go to local small businesses, and the other half will go to non profits.

Eernissee says the hope is to select the businesses who will receive the grant by the end of the month.

For information on how to apply for the grant click here.