Everett fire chief denies allegation he showed up intoxicated at deadly New Year's Eve fire

EVERETT, Wash. -- City officials are investigating after an employee of the Everett Fire Department made an allegation that Fire Chief Murray Gordon arrived on the scene of a deadly fire with his breath smelling of alcohol and showing signs of impairment.

Everett officials are investigating the claim but say Gordon is not on leave at this time.

In a statement, the city said, "The allegation is under investigation by the city’s Human Resources Department; a third party has been hired to do the fact finding. Chief Gordon is not on leave."

Gordon declined an on-camera interview but released a statement saying, "I was not impaired the night of the Bluffs fire and I am confident that the investigation will confirm that."

Gordon went on to say, "I understand that the City must take these allegations seriously, and I will fully cooperate with the investigation and any actions that the City takes as a result. I look forward to resolving this and continuing to focus on the good work that the Everett Fire Department does for our community on a daily basis."

Gordon has been the fire chief since 2001.