Everett family terrorized by firework that destroys part of their home

EVERETT, Wash. -- Everett Police are looking for whoever blew up a young family’s door with a firework.

It happened Saturday around 12:15 a.m. on the 300 block of Bedrock Drive in Everett.

The Portch family says they were watching a movie on their couch when they heard a thud against their back door.

“Something hit the glass door and then just moments later, ‘boom.’ The whole glass door shattered and just rained glass,” said Stephanie Portch.

Portch says she immediately called the police, while her husband Jordan went outside to see if he could find who did it.

Shattered glass went everywhere.

A concern for the Portch family because they have two small children and a pet dog.

“I still won’t let the kids downstairs,” said Stephanie.

Everett Police got to the house and determined the explosion was caused by an illegal sparkler bomb.

All fireworks in the city of Everett are illegal.

The Portch family says the experience was terrifying, and they are happy no one was hurt.

“It’s still a possibility and I would like to have hope in the world that it was just a rocket gone wrong and it was just an accident, but even still that rocket,” said Portch.