Everett considers paid parking in parts of downtown

EVERETT, Wash. -- The city is considering adding paid parking downtown to alleviate some of the struggles finding spots.

For more than a decade, the city has considered paid parking. Now, they're making steps toward that possibility.

"It's important though to note that the purpose of paid parking is really for the benefit of business," said Everett Public Works Director Ryan Sass.

Sass says the city just reviewed the results of a year-long parking study. He says the results of the study show metered parking might be the relief Everett needs.

“It really benefits customers and if they want to come downtown if we can have accessible and reasonably priced parking that's a win for everybody," Sass said.

However, some say adding paid parking to the city will make them less likely to visit.

"It's already hard enough to make me want to come down here as it is," said Cadin Yeckley.

Sass says if the plan is approved by the city council the rates for parking could be as low as a dollar per hour, and paid parking would only be in certain parts of downtown.