Everett asking residents for help in clearing storm drains to limit street flooding

EVERETT, Wash. - Potential street flooding is a concern now that snow is starting to melt and warmer weather is on the way. Snohomish County Emergency Management is encouraging residents to help clear storm drains of snow and ice. Everett Public Works says there are too many miles of road and numbers of storm drains across the city for crews to get to all at once. Public works has designated staff to clear the drains as needed when snow is melting fast. “We send people out just for that purpose just to clear drains," said Kathleen Baxter, City of Everett Public Works public information and education officer.

Baxter mentioned crews have been working all day and night on 12-hour shifts for the last week. She said there is still more work to do before they can even begin clearing a path for the snowmelt. “There are so many more drains than there are numbers of trucks and crews to get out there,” said Baxter. Public Works is asking neighbors to help clear the drains to limit street flooding. While they’re at it, officials are also reminding all property owners about the city ordinance to shovel their sidewalks. “That includes residential, properties and also commercial properties. Vacant lots and everything-if you own it, that sidewalk is yours to clear,” said Baxter. “We have a lot of people in our community who need the sidewalk cleared in order to get around. And last year a lot of people were stuck I side because they simply couldn’t get through on the sidewalks.” Baxter mentioned public works crews will be monitoring Thursday night’s weather and will treat slippery roads as reports come in. She said they will be paying close attention to bridges that are more susceptible to freezing. City of Everett Public Works invites people to visit its website to follow road conditions and inclement weather updates.