Even hockey fans surprised by volume, speed of NHL Seattle season-ticket deposits

SEATTLE -- Hockey fans say they’ve been pretty confident that Seattle would get an expansion team, but after Thursday’s season ticket frenzy they are certain it will happen.

Speed pays off in the rink -- but also when you want the best seats in the house.

At the strike of 10 a.m. Thursday, hockey fans got in front of a screen to reserve season tickets.

“Everybody was trying to do it at the same time,” Andy Cole said.

Trying to be the very first NHL season ticket holders in the history of Seattle.

“It wasn’t going as fast as I wanted,” Cole said.

That’s because there was so many like Cole behind a screen.

Oak View Group says they got to the goal of 10,000 deposits in just 12 minutes.

“These numbers are kind of mind-blowing,” Cole said.

It took cities like Las Vegas weeks to get to that number.

Even for Cole, the manager for the Greater Seattle Hockey League, the demand was surprising.

He’s heard the doubts.

“I definitely had people over the years say that hockey may not work here,” Cole said.

So to be able to finally verify the appetite for hockey was kind of emotional for Cole.

If you are wondering about Cole’s chances. He did get in line for season tickets.

“I think it took me 8 minutes before I got my final order in,” Cole said.

To reserve season tickets, it cost a $500 deposit for general seating and $1,000 for club level.

Those are prices just to get in line; the actual seats themselves will be a lot more.

As of Thursday night, NHLSeattle.com was still accepting deposits.

Hockey fans will find out where they are exactly in line next week.