EvCC security upping patrols after multiple safety alerts on and near campus

EVERETT  --  Everett Community College says a female student reported a man she didn’t know spoke to her inside the Parks Cafe and then grabbed her from behind.

Then on Tower Street near campus, school officials say the student told them she saw the same man driving a gray van around 8:30 p.m.

She told campus security he offered her a ride and she accepted. Campus security says the student told them the man tried to rape her in the van near her home.

The Everett Police Department says the school contacted them about this incident and they are investigating.

Everett Police say the college also contacted them about a reported sexual assault back on October 4th.

The college says the victim told them the incident actually took place on September 25th, but the student waited two days to alert the school.

Also, the college says a miscommunication within the school security office led to a further delay for the campus alert.

Everett Police say they are not investigating this case because the victim declined to file a police report.

On September 26th, Everett Community College says a student alerted them to another “incident”, but they decided not to issue a campus-wide alert because they located the man involved and told him he’s not allowed back on campus.

Campus security say they also contacted Everett Police again on October 9th after a student reported a suspicious man tried to offer her a ride.

Both Everett Police and Campus Security say they can’t tell at this point if any of these incidents may possibly be connected in any way.

Students we spoke with on campus say they are grateful for the campus-wide alert system so they can stay in the know.