Emergency quarantine declared for poultry in small area of Eastern Washington

KENNEWICK, Wash. (AP) — The Washington Agriculture Department declared an emergency quarantine Wednesday for domestic poultry and eggs in the Tri-City area to contain the highly contagious avian flu.

The quarantine prevents the movement of chickens, turkeys and other birds that could carry the virus. It covers an area within 20 miles of two Benton County locations where backyard flocks of chickens, turkeys and ducks were found to have the disease.

The strain of the disease is not dangerous to people but it's deadly to birds and officials want to keep it out of commercial operations.

The Tri-City Herald reports the quarantine covers most of Richland, part of Kennewick and extends across the Columbia River to include part of Franklin County near Pasco.

Chicken, turkey and eggs from grocery stores are OK.