Elizabeth Warren visits Seattle

SEATTLE, WA - Saturday, thousands packed into the Seattle Center to see Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Officials say about 7,000 people were in attendance. Hundreds were forced to watch the campaign rally in an overflow room.

However, these numbers are a little more than half of what Warren drew last August when she was in Seattle. During that event, 15,000 people were in attendance.

Some people at Saturday’s rally say they waited in line all day just to get in.

“I want to be first in line,” said Chief Charleton Jesse Chapame Nightwalker, from Tacoma.

He said he got up around five in the morning and took the bus from Tacoma to be at the rally. He says it’s worth it.

“There’s going to be a change in the White House. It needs to be now, and it should be Elizabeth Warren,” said Chief Charleton Jesse Chapame Nightwalker.

Warren opened her speech focusing some comments on Democratic Primary Candidate and former New York Mayor, Mike Bloomberg.

“A threat that is coming our way, and it’s a big threat, not a tall one, but a big one, Michael Bloomberg,” said Warren.

Warren says she is a fighter, and one who will get things done. She addressed a need to take on climate change, take on gun violence in the country, and create pathways to citizenship for everyone.

After a 3rd place finish in Iowa, and a 4th place finish in New Hampshire, Warren faces an uphill battle. However, supporters say they believe in her.

“She’s intelligent, experienced. I think she can stand up to Trump at a debate and I trust her,” said Malya Muth, from Edmonds.