Electric Lime scooters hit Tacoma streets, but concern raised for pedestrian safety

TACOMA, Wash. -- The city of Tacoma introduced a new vehicle share program and it’s causing some controversy with members of the community.

On Friday, Lime deployed about 250 e-bikes and 250 electric scooters in Tacoma. The deployment is a part of a 60-day trial for the city.

Many people are already taking full advantage of the new vehicles.

“If I can scooter, I’m going to scooter,” said Taylor Nantz.

Nantz lives in Tacoma. She says even though she owns a bicycle, she wanted to give the scooters a try.

The scooters were deployed Friday, but Nantz didn’t get a chance to ride one until Monday. She says they’ve been popular.

“You got to drive to find one quickly, so they’re not stolen,” she said.

Nantz says she is happy to see her city getting something new and trendy, but not everyone feels the same way.

“The problem here right off the bat is speed, and amateurs who don’t know how to ride a scooter,” said Gigi Gerard.

Gerard was walking around the Ruston Way Waterfront. She says in the short amount of time these scooters have been deployed she has already had several close calls.

“This is a big problem down here and I see a atmosphere happening and I hope it’s not me,” she said.

Gerard says it’s not just how fast people are driving them, but the way they are driving them. She says she’s seen people trying to do tricks on them and weaving in and out of people on the sidewalks.

According to Lime’s website, this is not the appropriate way the scooters should be ridden.

Lime’s website says riders must:

Be 18+ to ride

Have a driver’s license

Wear a helmet

No stunts

Park properly by curbside

Follow local traffic laws

Do not block pedestrian walkways