ELECTION: Seattle's Housing Levy increase passes; Snohomish Co. sales tax hike measure too close to call

SEATTLE -- Voters approved Seattle's Proposition 1 to replace and raise the city's Housing Levy, election results showed Tuesday night, while a measure in Snohomish County to increase the sales tax to hire more sheriff's deputies was too close to call, with only 823 votes separating 'rejected' and 'approval.'

More votes will be tallied as mailed-in ballots with Aug. 2 postmarks and earlier arrive at county elections offices.

Seattle Proposition 1 was passing 68-32% in voting results Tuesday night. This $290 million proposition would replace and double an expiring levy to fund housing for low-income seniors, workers and the disabled and mentally ill, and for homeless prevention and reduction programs.

Meanwhile, Seattle Initiative 123, which called the building of a mile-long elevated park on Alaskan Way, was rejected by voters. It was losing 81-19% in the first night voting results.

In Snohomish County,  the voting results on Proposition 773 were too close to call Tuesday night. The proposition  would increase the sales tax to help the county hire more sheriff’s deputies to fight a heroin epidemic there. The measure was losing by only 823 votes Tuesday night -- 31,996 for rejection and 31,173 for approval.

In Normandy Park, voters were approving Proposition 1 to increase property taxes to provide basic services such as police protection and street maintenance. The city said property tax revenue has not kept up with inflation and demand for services. It was being approved by 67-33%.