Election officials answer FAQs from voters

A week away from Election Day, election officials are fielding some Frequently Asked Questions from voters.

The first most asked question is: Can I still register to vote?

“The answer is absolutely, yes. We are very fortunate, very recently we have same day registration in Washington State. Voters do have to come in person. We’re open in Renton for people to come in person,” said Kendall Hodson, Chief of Staff for King County Elections.

Voters can do same-day registration and voting all the way up to Election Day, but election officials say avoid potential lines and vote from home.

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“There isn’t going to be that kind of in-person voter experience where you’re using a machine to cast your ballot. If you come to a vote center in person, we’re going to print you off and give you the same exact ballot we mailed you,” said Hodson.

Question number two: How do I get another ballot?

“They can go online and actually access their own replacement ballot. Print it off at home,” said Hodson.

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If you don’t have a printer at home, you can preorder a replacement ballot online then stop by a voting center in person to pick one up.

Hodson said you can phone in your question about replacement ballots by calling 206-296-VOTE.

Question number three: Where do I drop off my ballot?

Voters can mail their ballots via USPS, or use one of the ballot drop boxes which are emptied daily by election workers.

The latest data in King County is showing a 56 percent voter turnout so far, and the number was predicted to be as high as 90 percent by Election Day.

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