Eight injured in gas explosion in Portland, Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Officials now say eight people were injured in a powerful gas explosion in a popular Portland, Oregon, shopping district.

Three firefighters, three civilians and two police officers were hurt in the blast Wednesday that utility officials say happened after a construction crew hit a gas line.

Fire Lt. Rich Chatman said none of the injuries are life-threatening. He said two firefighters suffered broken legs and one of them will require surgery. He said there were no fatalities.

The explosion was felt throughout the neighborhood and smoke was seen billowing from a building near NW Glisan St & NW 23rd Ave.

Fire officials called in additional resources after the initial response to deal with the situation.

Video posted to Instagram appeared to show the explosion:

An employee at a kitchen accessories store located across the street from a gas explosion in a popular Portland, Oregon, shopping district says he felt a huge blast and then saw smoke and haze.

As he evacuated, Scott Bergler says, he saw a firefighter on the ground who had been knocked flat by the blast.

Bergler says the firefighter seemed to be in shock and was crawling around and trying to stand.

He says 15 windows in the store were blown out Wednesday but none of the staff were injured.

Utility officials say the explosion happened after a construction crew hit a gas line.