Edmonds Police host community meeting after string of burglaries

EDMONDS, Wash. -- Edmonds Police held a community meeting that they say had been almost a year in the making, but perfect timing considering a recent rash of burglaries.

The echo of a packed council chambers led to a room full of neighbors gathered to learn more about securing their property and deterring burglaries.

“I’ve got some security people coming to my home this week to get better security in my own home, which is necessary,” says Bob Cunningham.

We first introduced you to Bob last month after his home had been burglarized.

“The window over the kitchen was smashed. They got into our bedroom, the drawers were pulled out, and clothes were spread out and everything,” says Bob.

Tonight he joined dozens of his neighbors to hear tips from police. Some who’d also been burglarized and, others, like his daughter, Christina, who are very concerned; especially for her young son.

“He has questions. He wants to know is his bedroom safe? When are they going to break in? Are they going to break in when he’s at school? And so those conversations; how do we be honest, but also not instill fear?” says Christina.

Edmonds Police focused on the importance of utilizing the best quality alarm and video system possible. That way, your images can help detectives identify a potential prowler.

“The fact that it’s not necessarily expensive, you don’t necessarily need the very best. You want to have good technology for graphics for seeing those videos and they can be very helpful when they are good quality,” says longtime resident Lois Suter.

“I hope they catch him and eliminate all this. For my wife, it was the first time we went out for a breakfast this morning because my wife doesn’t want to leave the house,” says Bob.