Edmonds hit-and-run victim still in pain nearly a year later, pleads for driver to turn self in

EDMONDS, Wash. -- Life will never be the same for Viora Mayoba, a mother of three who was severely injured in a hit and run accident on Highway 99 in Edmonds almost a year ago.

Mayoba is now sharing her story in hopes it will help find the driver.

“I see one doctor for my eye, one doctor for my head, one doctor for my jaw, one doctor for my leg and one doctor for my back,” said Mayoba.

This is the new reality for Mayoba, who struggles with simple tasks like sitting up or typing on a computer.

“I fractured my back,” said Mayoba. “I broke my left leg because the car hit me here and this leg was this big.”

Mayoba received those injuries on a foggy November day in 2015, while trying to wipe off her frosted windshield on Highway 99 in Edmonds. The moments that followed would change her life forever.

“I couldn’t, I didn’t remember much else, ‘cause I was hit so hard that I flew from my car, I went up and then I came down and hit the ground with high-velocity impact,” said Mayoba.

A car hit Mayoba that night and just kept going, and Mayoba lay in a coma for days, her family wondering if she’d live.

Edmonds Police hoped damage left at the scene would help them find the driver.

“Based on the collision, we believe the driver would certainly know that they’d hit someone,” said Sgt. Shane Hawley with the Edmonds Police Department.

But 10 months later, police say they still don’t have the driver.

“We’re still trying to find out who this driver is and all of our leads have gone cold,” saidHawley. “We’re looking for the driver of a black 2006 to 2010 Dodge Charger. This is a hit-and-run suspect.”

For Mayoba, she says writing brings her a sense of peace. She’s written two books since the accident.

“I find strength in writing,” said Mayoba. “I spend most of my time on this little laptop right here.”

While finding the driver won’t heal her physical pains, she hopes it will heal her emotional ones.

“I want him to be found and not necessarily for me, but for the public out there,” said Mayoba.

Again, Edmonds Police believe the hit and run car is a black mid 2000's Dodge Charger with damage to the front fender, grill, headlights and fog lights.

If you can tell Edmonds detectives anything about the car, where it is or who may have been driving it that night last November 29, call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS.