Edmonds ferry, Sounder train back in service after freight train crash causes delays

UPDATE: The crash has been cleared and the trains and ferries are moving. 

EDMONDS -- An investigation into a train collision with a truck has caused Sounder train delays and ferry route cancellations.

According to Edmond Police, around 5 a.m. the freight train clipped a vehicle that was left on the train track area near Dayton Street along the waterfront. There is minimal damage to the train and crews are waiting for a tow truck.

An injured man was taken to Harborview Medical Center, but we are told he was talking to officers at the scene.

The Edmonds-Kingston ferry route is currently out of service because the train collision is blocking all access to and from the Edmonds terminal. Washington State Ferries suggest using Seattle-Bainbridge as an alternative route.

The Sounder North Line Train #1701 has traveled back to the Mukilteo Station and will hold until the tracks near Edmonds are cleared.

Tracks are expected to be closed until at least 7 a.m.