Edmonds family hopes stolen work truck will be found

EDMONDS, Wash. – An Edmonds family is asking the public to keep a lookout for their green landscape truck after it was stolen from their driveway on Thursday.

“If you’ve seen the truck, you know, you’ve seen the truck before,” said John Scott, describing the 1995 green Chevy. “It’s very unique,” he said. “It’s a got a Mercedes grill on the front of it.”

The truck is the primary vehicle in Scott’s landscaping business, Artistic Yard Care.

“It’s pretty much our bread and butter,” said Scott.

He and his partner, Lindsey Sorenson woke up on Thursday and noticed something was amiss outside their home.

“I notice not only are the doors open on the Acura, the doors are open on the Jetta, the doors are open on this white truck,” said Scott, before noticing the green truck was gone altogether.

Not only had their truck been stolen, but tools, jackets and even registration papers for their other vehicles were also taken as well.

Adding insult to injury, the thief or thieves hit Scott’s white truck in the process of stealing their green truck.

“You can’t get the tailgate down anymore, which is very unfortunate,” he said.

Edmonds Police said car thefts are an easy crime with a big payoff and stealing tools of any kind is considered quick cash.

When the tools are on wheels, like in the case of Scott’s truck, it’s even better.

Scott is hoping thieves have already ditched the vehicle and they will find it. If you do see a truck meeting the description or matching the photos, you’re urged to call Edmonds Police.