Editing DNA in embryos: Local doctor weighs in on potential impacts for infertility, miscarriage

SEATTLE -- A Swedish biologist hopes his work could lead to answers on infertility and miscarriage: Fredrik Lanner is the first known researcher to attempt to edit the DNA of healthy embryos.

The potential impacts, both positive and negative, are hotly debated. But Lanner says  he's hoping to learn more about the role of genetics and early embryonic development. It's potentially groundbreaking, especially if it leads to more answers for families battling infertility and miscarriage.

Dr. Julie Lamb is a partner and director of fertility preservation at Seattle's Pacific Northwest Fertility, as well as clinical faculty at the University of Washington. She joined Travis and I in-studio to break down what this all could mean, and addressed other groundbreaking studies recently in the news. Watch the video above for the full interview!

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