Easy, at-home DIY gifts for Mother's Day

SEATTLE, Wash.,--  Mother’s Day is right around the corner and with more people staying home right now - why not treat mom to a day filled with food, fun and pampering with items you already HAVE at home?  Entertaining Expert Paul Zahn shares some fun and easy DIY tips to really WOW mom this year!

Make Mom Breakfast In Bed with DIY Overnight Oats:
Hey Dads! Why not save some time whipping up breakfast AND put the kids to work after dinner - let mom go to bed early on Mother’s Day eve! Paul demos how to use items you already have at home - bananas, apples, cinnamon, flax seeds, berries, etc. to whip up overnight oats. This will occupy the kids time at NIGHT and then you will have breakfast for them the next day!

DIY Room Refresher:
When mom wakes up on Mother’s Day why not prep the house by spritzing with one of her favorite scents with a DIY room refresher. It is super easy and you
can use its you already have it home. It is 1 part vodka, 1 part
water & 10 drops of essential oils - like a lavender oil. Spritz the
curtains, the couch and mom will love it! Make Mom a DIY Bouquet for her Special Day
Why not whip up a floral bouquet for mom out of some items you have in the kitchen? Paul demos how to make mom an egg carton bouquet that will make her day extra special!

Movie & Snack Time For Mom:
Mom deserves a break, right? Treat her to a couple hours to put on her favorite movie & relax. AND a great way to occupy your kid’s time & is to have them get creative when it comes time to mom’s snack. Whip up some snacks with items you have in your home to make these fun pieces of ART that are edible. Paul demos how to use rice cakes and other items - cheese, berries, peanut butter etc to make the perfect mid day snack. Make the snacks inspired by one of mom's favorite movies.


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