Dry weather for next several days, perhaps through rest of year

SEATTLE -- We enter a fairly long dry period -- it seems to be going with our dry December, dry fall and dry 2013.

So far in December we are running about 40% of normal. For the fall, we only had about 50% of normal rainfall -- and 2013 will go down as a dry year, with a full 14 inches less rainfall than in 2012.

The forecast calls for us to be generally dry through the end of 2013. That would include a mostly dry forecast for Tuesday, Christmas Eve; Christmas Day; New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. The rest of the country would like some of our mellow weather, I bet.

There will be some morning fog but a few areas will get some sun breaks, too.

There is some good news about the start of winter. We gain a few minutes of daylight each day now. Enjoy.