Drug deal gone wrong leaves engaged couple dead in Fife, toddler without mom

TACOMA -- Two people were killed in a drug deal that turned violent on Thursday night.

One of the victims is a mother and now her 2-year-old son will have to grow up without her.

Daniel Miller, 23, and his fiancé, Charissa Dobbins, 22, were inside a home along the 100 block of 66th Avenue East in Fife when the shooting happened.

Investigators said the home where they were killed is a known drug house and the young couple may not actually have resided at the house.

On Thursday night, police said Daniel’s friends called 911 after spotting the bodies through the window. Police arrested  a 22-year-old suspect and they said he admitted to the shooting.

Daniel’s brother Kyle said his brother struggled with heroin addiction for years.

“It’s a good lesson to understand,” said Pierce County Sheriff’s Department detective Ed Troyer. “If you’re going to hang out in that world, things can go sideways pretty quick.”

Troyer added that Charissa likely had nothing to do with the drug deal, and was only in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“She shouldn’t have been there, it shouldn’t have happened,” said Kyle Miller.

Now Charissa’s 2-year-old son will grow up without her, and Kyle Miller wants everyone to know the dangers of drugs and addiction.

“Nobody should have to go through this,” said Kyle. “A lot of people tried to help him (Daniel) but he just doesn’t want to take help.”

The suspect has not been named because he has not yet been charged; he will likely face two counts of first-degree murder when he faces a judge Monday.