Driver shot in the back on I-5 in Kent is the second interstate shooting this week

KENT, Wash. -- A driver was shot in the back by another driver while traveling on I-5 in Kent Thursday night, the second shooting on I-5 this week.

It's the second shooting reported on I-5 in King County this week. Wednesday, a man driving erratically on the shoulder of I-5 in Tukwila pulled a shotgun, pointed the barrel at Kris Schrum's car and pulled the trigger, shooting out his window. Fortunately, Schrum wasn't injured.

Moments before Schrum was shot at, troopers say another driver called 911 to report the same suspect driving aggressively farther south on Interurban Avenue. The suspect brandished a gun, but did not fire that time.

The first caller was able to tell the dispatcher key information about the license plate on the suspect’s car.