Drive-by shootings target multitude of car windows across Tacoma

TACOMA – Tacoma has been hit with a rash of car windows being shot out with a pellet gun in drive-by shootings, and police said they need more victims to report the crime.

Tacoma police spokesperson Loretta Cool said at least seven people from across the city filled out reports last weekend after their windows were shot out, but the number of actual victims is likely much higher.

On one Facebook page for Tacoma locals, residents report dozens of similar crimes recently.

Cool said police need victims and neighbors to immediately call in shootings to help catch the perpetrators in the act.

Police don’t yet have a definitive description of the suspect vehicle.

Cool said that even though the weapon is a pellet or BB gun, it's still considered a drive-by shooting and is classified as a felony.

Call 911 immediately if you see or hear a shooting, or if you have any idea who’s behind it.