Dramatic video shows Starbucks customer fighting off armed robber

FRESNO, Calif. -- Police are investigating an attempted robbery and stabbing at Starbucks in Fresno, California last week (July 19).

Newly released surveillance footage shows the moment a customer took on the armed man.

The suspect has been identified as Ryan Flores.

KFSN reports that Flores walked into the Starbucks just after 5:30 p.m. with a knife and toy gun.

The video shows him pointing a gun at a woman behind the counter then he hands her a yellow bag.

Seeing this, a customer in the cafe picked up a metal chair and hit Flores in the back.

The two started fighting and at one point the Good Samaritan was stabbed in the neck, reports KFSN.

Police have identified that man as Cragg Jerri. They say he is expected to be OK and that he is a hero.

"It's not something we recommend. In this case, it was a good outcome. No one died as a result of this incident, but very well could have," Chief Jerry Dyer said. "But nonetheless, he's a hero there's no question."

During the fight, Jerri managed to wrestle the knife away from Flores and stab him several times before Flores got away.

Officers later found him near a canal where he admitted to the crime.

Flores was taken to the hospital in critical condition.