Don't swear at your new Xbox One, cats in snow and more trending

It's Tuesday ... can you see anything? Probably not in all the morning fog. Belly up to some Internet news in this morning's trending.

Well F*@! You Xbox:Microsoft doesn't want you to swear at your new game console. The Upload Studio is designed to share your best gaming moves on social media, but if you swear in a recording, you could be banned from the network.

Challenge accepted: This bulldog owner wins winter. Totally nailed it. 

But is the snow bulldog cuter than ... These cats in snow? Let me know what you think.

Check over your shoulder before you click: Another Miley 'Wrecking Ball' parody, taking advantage of the poor folks on ChatRoulette.

Another reason to love the '90s: Local hero Bill Gates can do anything, including jump over a chair like a gangster. 

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