Donors pack blood centers after crash: 'The folks of Seattle really do care about their neighbors'

SEATTLE -- When dozens of injured victims from the Aurora Bridge crash were rushed to local hospitals Thursday, Bloodworks Northwest put out a call for blood donors.

The response was overwhelming.

"The outpouring of support has been tremendous," said Dr. James Aubuchon, the chief executive officer of Bloodworks Northwest. "The folks of Seattle really do care about their neighbors."

Immediate after the crash, several hospitals requested blood to help treat the injured.

When Sean Chynoweth saw the pictures of the crash, he said he wanted to do something to help. So he rolled up his sleeve.

"I'm here donating so they can get some blood to the folks in the accident on Aurora," he said at Bloodworks.

Aubuchon said donors filled the waiting rooms at all of their regional centers. But they can never have enough.

Bloodworks said they had enough units of blood on hand for the hospitals, but now they're trying to refill their inventory.

"There can always be an unexpected need and we have to be ready for that," he said. "It takes about 24 hours to do all the testing and all the processing that's necessary to get a unit of blood ready to use."

That's why they're encouraging people to set appointments and give blood in the days to come. You can make an appointment at one of Bloodworks' 12 donor centers or at blood drive near you. Just go to