Donald Trump, Tim Kaine plan stops in Washington state

SEATTLE-- Details of a Donald Trump visit to Washington are still being worked out. However, he is planning to be in Central Puget Sound later this month, proving Washington is very much in play this election.

Raquel Garcia is one of more than a dozen volunteers in Seattle’s Madrona neighborhood rallying to gather support for Hillary Clinton.

“I felt motivated to do something and be a part of making sure Donald Trump will get elected,” said Garcia.

Though she has no doubt Clinton will win Washington State, she and others aren’t taking chances.

“We can’t just wishful thinking; that’s why everyone needs to get out and vote,” said Garcia.

In Bellingham, Washington State Senator Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, is doing his part as the deputy state director for the Donald Trump campaign. He’s been working to secure a venue for trump’s second visit since the start of his campaign.

“Right now we’re really pushing hard to get him to central Puget Sound, from Everett to Tacoma,” said Ericksen.

Supporters received a fundraising invitation with a list of hosts and a tentative dates set for August 30, but organizers say his visit will also include a rally for the people.

“Number one thing is that Mr. Trump does not want to treat Washington state like an ATM,” said Ericksen. “You see a lot of these presidential candidates, they’ll fly in and go Medina, host a fundraiser with a bunch of rich people and fly out. That’s not what Mr. Trump is going to do. He definitely wants us to have a rally here in Washington state for the people.”

Tim Kaine’s camp also sent out this invite to supporters for a Friday, August 19 private fundraising event at a home in Seattle.

“Mr. Kaine is a Washington, D.C. Insider, and I would expect him to do what Mr. Obama did and what Hillary Clinton has done in the past, which is fly in and take the money and fly out,” said Ericksen.

While Washington state may not have voted for a Republican president since Ronald Reagan, Trump supporters say no one’s ruling out the Evergreen state just yet.

“While Washington isn’t currently a battleground state in the trump campaign, we’re definitely the top end of those that aren’t and he really wants to play out here,” said Ericksen.

Ericksen also says Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, is expected to visit the state before the end of the month also.