Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly bury the hatchet…for now

A big event tonight for Donald Trump.  His first sit-down interview with his journalistic nemesis, FOX News Anchor Megyn Kelly.

The two have been engaged in a public battle for months, ever since Trump went off on Kelly after the first GOP presidential debate last August.  He objected strongly to her question about his attitude toward women.

Kelly brought up the issue during tonight's interview.

Kelly:  “I thought it was a fair question. Why didn't you?"

TRUMP: "I thought it was unfair. I thought, first of all, I didn't think it was really a question. I thought it was more of a statement. It's the first question that I've ever been asked during a debate and I've never debated before. I mean, my whole life is a debate, but I never actually debated before and I'm saying to myself man, what a question and you have Bret doing his thing, so I'm saying to myself, I've got two hours of this? I didn't really blame you because you're doing your thing, but, from my standpoint, I don't have to like it."

KELLY:  "You seem to stay angry for months."

TRUMP: 'Yeah."

KELLY: "Was that real or was that strategy?"

TRUMP: "Well, I'm a real person. I don't say, oh, gee, I'm angry tonight, but tomorrow you're my best friend. See, I do,  I do have a theory that you know when somebody does it and this could happen again with us it could be even during this particular interview. I have great respect for you that you were able to call me and say let's get together and let's talk. To me... I would not have done that.”