DOH unveils plan to distribute COVID vaccine

We’re seeing a big step in what medical professionals say is crucial to fight this pandemic and slowly get us back to life as knew it.

The state Department of Health has rolled out its first draft of a plan to distribute a COVID-19 vaccination.

While there’s still many unknowns about the timeline of when the vaccine will be available, the health department says the bottom line is they are doing everything they can to be as prepared as possible.

When a vaccine is ready, initially, the DOH expects it to be limited, so in what DOH calls phase one, it will be given to the highest priority groups, including high-risk health care workers, high-risk first responders, people with two diseases or more, and older adults living in long-term care facilities.

Phase two will open it up to essentially everyone, with DOH saying they expect to have the supply meet the demand by that point.

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Something else DOH heavily focused on in their vaccination plan is to make sure they’re establishing areas where it may be harder for people to get access to the vaccine, and do everything they can to bridge the gap. They’re working to make sure that economic factors and/or someone’s living location does not make it harder for them to get adequate protection from the virus. 

You can find the full outline of the plan here.