Dog that killed 3-day-old baby in San Diego is euthanized

SAN DIEGO (AP) — A family dog that killed a 3-day-old San Diego boy has been put down at the owners' request.

San Diego County animal control officials say the dog, Polo, was euthanized Wednesday morning.

The 2-year-old male was an American Staffordshire terrier-mix.

Authorities say the dog was in bed with Sebastian Caban and the baby's parents, who were watching TV, on April 21 when the mother suddenly coughed.

Authorities say that startled the dog and it bit the baby in the head.

The couple pulled the dog off the child. The parents made two unsuccessful 911 calls before becoming frustrated and driving Sebastian to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The death has been ruled accidental.

"Everything is pointing towards nothing more than a tragic case of an accident, or horrific case of an accident," said Sgt. Tu Nguyen with the San Diego Police Department.

The dog had no known prior history of dangerous aggressiveness, Department of Animal Services spokesman DeSousa said.