Dog shaming photo of 'Peepee Hat' on pet outrages animal lovers

SEATTLE -- The photo of an Arlington dog's face covered with a "pee-pee pad" to punish him for going in the house is going viral and outraging pet lovers.

The Everett Animal Shelter says it is investigating the case as animal abuse after receiving the photo.

The woman who posed the photo on social media wrote, "Successful dog shaming by way of the wearing of the Peepee Hat." It added, "He is finding out ... not so bright! I sopped it up, with a peepee pad, before scrubbing it with Oxyclean and vinegar. He is now wearing this creation."

Linda Perri, who is with Unchain in Washington State, a group pushing for tougher laws to protect dogs, says this is no way to treat a member of your family.

"I'm almost to the point where I would think she doesn't deserve a dog but maybe she's that ignorant that she doesn't know how to train a dog so maybe she needs to be educated and maybe she needs to be fined," Perri said.

We reached out to the dog's owner for a comment about the photo, but she has not responded.