Disappointment, resilience highlight Labor Day during pandemic

This Labor Day holiday is just another reminder of how much our lives have changed due to the pandemic.

For many, Labor Day for experiences unique to the Northwest -- like family rituals that go along with the holiday. 

Not this year. 

Fewer people are "Doing the Puyallup," as the Washington State Fair is offering fair food-to-go and a virtual marketplace but not the typical fair experience.  

The music has been silenced at Seattle's Bumbershoot, in what would have been the festival’s 49th year.  

In Monroe, because of COVID-19, the Evergreen State Fair was forced to take this year off, for the first time since World War II. 

“We’re pretty disappointed there is no fair this year," said mother of two young children Scarlett Liftee. "We’ve been going every year. We drove by this year and our four-year-old was like, 'Where are the rides mom?'”

Disappointment. Still, Liftee and her family are determined to make the most of this Labor Day. 

They set up camp at Skykomish River Centennial Park in Monroe, with a tent, barbeque, and plenty of flotation devices so their two daughter, ages four and two, can play in the water.  

“It’s the holiday you got to take advantage when you can,” Liftee said.

Brent Hall teamed up his buddy to create a father-son fishing day on this Labor Day. 

“It’s a new norm, but we’re going to figure out how to make it great,” Hall said.  

Casting a fishing rod while wearing mask provides the reminder about COVID's impact. But it isn’t stopping them from trying to reel in a monster trout and some lasting memories. 

“I agree. It’s been challenging," said Hall. "But actually it’s slowed me down a little bit, so that I can do things like this.” 

And maybe that the lasting lesson of Labor Day 2020. That like the work force who helped build this great country, we too are resiliant. And even during a pandemic, determined, to make the most of this holiday. 

By the way, if you still need your fix of fair food, the Washington State Fair is offering Fair Food-To-Go.

If you can't bare the idea of spending the fair season without your Fisher scones, Made In Washington is selling the scones kids online.