Denver player shows some real tears during national anthem

DENVER -- Whatever you do, please don't tell Knowshon Moreno to cry you a river. He just might do it.

Because not only is the Denver Broncos running back admittedly an emotional guy, he also produces enormous tears when he cries.

And lots of them.

From both eyes at the same time.

Check out the video above from the national anthem before the Bronco's huge AFC West showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. It really is a sight to behold.

But while we've all been transfixed by those crazy waterworks since that video went viral a day ago, apparently such a display is nothing new for Moreno.

"The emotion always gets to me," he told Yahoo Sports after Denver's 35-28 victory. "I am just thinking about everything in general through your whole life, just balled up into one. Yeah, it helps me. Sometimes I don't even notice it, it just comes."

Moreno rushed for just 18 yards in 15 carries but also had four catches for 72 yards and a touchdown to help the Broncos take over sole possession of first place in the division.

"The are actually toughness," fellow Broncos running back Montee Ball added. "I see it all the time. He does it in practice and he does it in games. It is all heart, it is his passion for the game. It is massive. We all feed off that energy. A lot of stuff sets him off. He just brings that energy when we need it."

From the LA Times