Demolition crews make surprising discovery in rubble of Bothell Mall fire

BOTHELL, Wash. -- Demolition workers have made an amazing discovery in Bothell.  Crews working to demolish the fire-damaged Bothell Mall have recovered some precious jewelry.

The day before the massive fire, a woman accidentally left an $800 diamond-studded, gold necklace at a massage therapy business that was destroyed.

On Tuesday, a salvage crew was able to find it and make sure the owner got it back.

It was still inside a turtle-shaped dish, right where it had been left.

The owner of the business was happy when she heard the news.

"It's pretty cool,” said Lori Schaefer, former owner of the massage therapy business.  “And they got my kids' art out.  And that's being worked on right now.  And most of my files, too."

For others, there was no hope of salvaging anything of value from their former businesses.

"It’s closure, seeing it get torn down and seeing what's in there,” said Rebecca Iverson, owner of a wedding planning business on the second floor that was destroyed.

“I've been watching them moving my stuff into the dumpster and identifying, 'Oh that was my chair!  And that was my (whatever).’ "

Crews are slowly going through the debris to see if there's anything else that's salvageable.