Dealing with drug debris

Parents and homeowners are working together to clean up used needles left behind by drug users in Everett.

Cate Harrington started the Facebook group called "Take Back Our Neighborhood North Everett" back in 2015.

Two years later, she and a group of volunteers are still finding used needles in streets and alleys all over north Everett.  They use gloves, rakes, and picker-uppers to protect themselves from accidentally catching the sharp end of a needle, which can be contaminated.

If you find a discarded needle in your own neighborhood, you should not pick it up with your bare hands.  Use gloves and tongs or a shovel to pick it up and then dispose of it in an approved sharp container.  If you do not have one or you are not comfortable dealing with medical waste, contact your local health department. Click here for more information about proper disposal.

King County Public Health: (206) 296-0100

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department: (253) 798-6047

Snohomish Health District: (425) 339-5200