'Deadliest Catch' captain arrested after incident with Uber driver; Sig Hansen issues apology

SEATTLE – “Deadliest Catch” captain Sig Hansen was arrested Thursday morning after allegedly spitting on an Uber driver and kicking a dent into his car, Seattle police said.

According to the police reports, the altercation began when the driver picked up Hansen and three other people in Ballard for a trip to Shoreline.

The driver said the trip was then canceled in the app, leading to a dispute over charges. As the argument escalated, Hansen allegedly kicked a dent in the rear passenger side of the car and spit on the driver.

Police said they found a foot-sized dent in the fender and some spit on the driver’s headrest when they examined the car.

When police went to the Shoreline address, Hansen denied there had been a confrontation and said he’d been celebrating Norwegian Independence Day.

“Nope!’ the police report quote him as saying. “So no, this is no! That means we’re done!’

The report says Hansen then “clapped his hands conclusively.”

Police said Hansen continued to argue, and eventually it took two officers to pull him away from the door and handcuff him.

On Thursday afternoon, Hansen issued the following apology:

"Regarding the altercation last night, I am terribly sorry for my behavior and am very embarrassed by it. I owe a bunch of people apologies, first and foremost to our Uber driver, who was just trying to get us home safely. I hope I can make that apology in person. I have no excuse, and accept responsibility for my actions."

Last fall, Hansen made news when he was airlifted from his boat with chest pains during filming.