Day care worker says she reported Auburn mom to CPS before 3-year-old was killed

AUBURN -- New details are emerging in a case involving an Auburn mom who is accused of beating her 3-year-old daughter to death.

Q13 FOX News talked to a day care worker who suspected abuse before the toddler child was killed.

Our investigation has turned up records that prove several people, including a day care worker, reported injuries on the girl to the state Child Protective Services before she died.

The day care worker says she saw bruises on the little girl more than a year ago. She reported the case to CPS, hoping they would investigate the family.

But the little girl, Nava, was never taken into custody and court documents say that at the time of her death she had a fractured pelvis, ribs, arms, wrist as well as internal bleeding caused by repeated punches.

“It’s really heartbreaking,” said the day care worker.

The day care worker wanted to stay anonymous. She is not only heartbroken but she is angry.

“I am really upset like something can happen to a little child and somebody reports it and nobody takes any action."

She believes Nava might still be alive if someone at CPS had taken her complaints and the bruises seriously.

“They were big, they were huge,” the worker said of Nava's bruises.

The woman says she confronted Nava's mother about the injuries on the girl’s bottom.

“She said she was jumping on the bed, she fell and the bed was broken,” the day care worker said.

Nava died about two weeks ago. Her mother, Tatiana Baker, and Baker's boyfriend, Demarco Jackson, are accused of beating her to death.

Q13 FOX obtained reports that confirm CPS did receive an abuse report a year ago, not only from the day care worker but also from Kent police.

A detective wrote. “I contacted CPS intake and was informed this incident was reported but did not meet criteria at the time of the report due to lack of detail.”

Neighbors who live near the Auburn home where Nava died are wondering why more wasn’t done.

“If they did get a report, they should have taken her away from the home,” neighbor Patricia Wright said.

Since Nava's death, we have repeatedly asked CPS to talk about Nava’s case.
They declined to comment except to release this written statement:

“At this point in time, the Department of Social and Health Services can say only that it has not had an open Child Protective Services case with this family."

Neighbors and the day care worker say that's not an acceptable answer from CPS.