Day after shocking crash, different Germanwings pilot does something remarkable for passengers

HAMBURG, Germany --  Britta Englisch had very mixed feelings about boarding a Germanwings aircraft just a day after the co-pilot of another Germanwings airliner had deliberately crashed it into the side of a mountain.

But Englisch had to travel from Hamburg to Cologne Germany.  So on the plane she went.

As she boarded the pilot of the plane did something simple, yet remarkable, he welcomed each passenger personally wrote Englisch in a Facebook post that has now been shared more than 16-thousand times.

But the pilot didn't stop there.  Englisch wrote that once passengers were aboard that pilot joined them in the cabin and without using the PA system he gave a short speech.

In the speech the pilot reportedly said that he and the crew were experiencing the same mixed feelings that the passengers were experiencing.  But he said despite the previous day's misfortune they were aboard the aircraft voluntarily.

The pilot said that each crew member has a family and that they all do everything in their power to be back with them safely each evening.

"It was totally silent," wrote Englisch.  "And then the whole plane applauded."