Daughters of Casey Kasem, Peter Falk tackle elder visitation

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — The daughters of two late celebrities are pushing separate legislation in Washington state seeking easier ways for family and friends to visit ailing elders in honor of their fathers' end-of-life struggles.

Their stories are similar: Kerri Kasem and Catherine Falk were blocked from visiting Casey Kasem and Peter Falk, who had serious illnesses, due to personal disagreements and had to take legal action to see them.

They are pushing for legislation in a swath of states that would help others see their elders without a court fight for guardianship rights.

A consultant for the Washington Association of Professional Guardians says that state's current law is strong and lawmakers shouldn't make things overly complicated.

Radio personality Casey Kasem had dementia and died in 2014. Actor Peter Falk, who starred in the TV series "Columbo," became incapacitated due to dementia and died in 2011.