Dangerous road conditions in Snohomish Co. during flooding

SNOHOMISH, Wash. -- Floodwaters in Snohomish County led to road closures throughout the area, but that did not stop some people from trying to navigate them.

In the town of Snohomish, road closed signs block drivers from continuing down to Old Snohomish Monroe Road.

However, several drivers still rolled the dice.

“Got to make it to where you’re going, right?” said one driver who didn’t give his name.

If you get caught driving through a road closed sign, it’s a $426 fine, Snohomish County Sheriff's Office Officials said.

One driver not only got caught by law enforcement, they also got stuck in the floodwaters. With the fine, the tow cost, and the water damage to the interior of the car, driving through the road closed sign is a big gamble that didn’t pay out.

“It should be clear tomorrow; we have some clear weather coming,” said Gary Klinich, who decided to not try to drive through the floodwaters.

The county’s website lists several roads that are still closed. For more information on current road conditions click here.

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